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Google+, not exactly a 'ghost town', sees visits jump in March
Visits to the search giant's social network reached 61 million in March. Growth remains strong, if oddly sporadic -- and Facebook remains way, way ahead.

Google+ may be a ways off -- a long ways off -- from unseating Facebook, but it's not exactly a ghost town, either. U.S. visits to Google's still fledgling social network exceeded 61 million in March, up 27 percent from February.

That's according to Experian Hitwise (report not available on the Web), which shared its figures with me by e-mail. Here's how Experian reckons the growth in Google+ visits since its inception last June:

Just to be clear, Experian Hitwise defines a single "visit" as any period in which a user stops by a site and then returns within 30 minutes. So if you read or posted on Google+ for a bit, then hopped over to Facebook for 25 minutes, and then came back to Google+, that would still count as a single G+ visit. Stay away for 31 minutes, though, and the next time you come back counts as a second visit.